bench seating components: the right choice for you

Metalmeccanica Alba is a leading company for bench seating components: keep reading to find out what makes our products so special!

Good office furniture is the result of a well-balanced mix of design, functionality and ergonomics. The office is the workplace where we perform our daily activities, therefore a careful study of the evolutions of the workplace is needed, in order to solve the  tangible problems involving quality and performance, which in turn leads to technical solutions and appropriate design.

A bench seat is an excellent seating solution for many a context. It’s very practical, seats 2, 3 or more people and is ideal for waiting rooms, ensuring a rational use of the available space. As in any product, details make the difference: a feature, the right shape… sometimes it’s just a matter of few millimeters in the right places. So little can influence performances and comfort in such a big way. Metalmeccanica Alba, with its long experience, is perfectly aware of this. That’s why we give our best in terms of technology, quality and innovation to provide our clients with top-class bench seating components, like:
  • supports;
  • legs;
  • beams;
  • other components, such as table attachments.
This attention to the detail is a primary commitment for Metalmeccanica Alba and an integral part of our vision: making every single product unique, starting from its components, wherever your seating is destined - office, airport lounge, school or even at home.
Metalmeccanica Alba is the leading company for bench seating components: ideas and products made for excellence.
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