Discover our folding legs for table

Are you a bit disappointed because you cannot find the right folding legs for table that you needed?
If you read the next paragraphs about Metalmeccanica Alba your mood will surely change.
When sitting, a comfortable position is certainly something you would like to have: not only is it the right way to be productive at work and effective in your searches, but also it is a healthy choice if in the future you want to avoid back pains or ever more serious problems. All doctors recommend taking some time to choose a good position and of course a proper, comfortable chair with a corresponding table: the right tools to feel better and produce more.
For a very interesting folding legs for table and for a wide range of products, including modern and stylish chairs for every situation, there is Metalmeccanica Alba: a company that has chosen freedom of movement as a motto and that aims at bringing new ideas to you and to all its customers. Our team is young, prepared and motivated, and still we have an experience of over two decades.

An example of our table "Spot":

Here are some facts and figure about Metalmeccanica Alba:
  • over 1000 items in the catalogue;
  • one and a half million of frames every year;
  • more than 300 thousand stools;
  • customers in 80 countries;
  • a top quality production and remarkable reliability.
Take a look at all the folding legs for table and the other available tables, designed with a different style in order to fit your specific needs, but always ready to seduce you with their looks and most of all to keep you as comfortable as you like: all you need to do is try one, and everything will become clear.
After reading the catalogue, making your mind up will be so easy like it's never been before!

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