Chairs components, between ergonomics and design

Chairs components , which production is our pride and joy, are mostly requested by businesses which need to accommodate a large number of people:

We also receive requests for private homes and contract design projects, where furnishing solutions are more personalised and closer to our customer's aesthetic sense.
Every step of the creative process for our chairs components begins with a thorough dialogue with our customers: it is extremely important for our company to supply the most suitable chairs components to meet our customers' needs. Therefore, after an in-depth study researching the best materials and the most suitable solutions for each request, our designers and experts work the materials to give life to the most innovative chairs components and pieces of furniture, in a perfect balance between design and ergonomics.

Chairs components tailored for you

Among our chairs components you can find:

Upon request, we customise the chairs components you choose as regards colours, materials and models: our customers will thus be provided with a unique, refined and functional creation. The attention to every detail, the talent in interpreting new trends, the choice of the safest and most suitable materials for each project, make Metalmeccanica Alba's chairs components the best solution for your design projects.

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