Looking for a contract chair manufacturer? Metalmeccanica Alba has got what you need

Metalmeccanica Alba is a metal products manufacturer based in north Italy and operating in the sector of designer components for furniture. Our teams of highly specialised designers, engineers and workers co-operate in unison to give our customers their best business to business experience. In fact, through Albacomponents, one of our three brands, we operate in the market of metal work as contract chairs manufacturers.


Albacomponents is the most experienced of our brands and it was born from our 40-year experience of work in the metal industry in order to fulfil the demand for metal components manufacturers. Through our brand we operate as contract chair manufacturers in agreement with our customers who mainly work in office and/or home furniture production, schools, hospitals and the community services.

International contracts

Metalmeccanica Alba is a well-established international contract chair manufacturer. Our reputation has grown together with our expertise and know-how, and through our commitment in always meeting our customers requests and paying the most careful attention to every detail. What’s more, as international contract chairs manufacturers we made delivery on time one of our strengths. Moreover, our customer can save on transport costs thanks to our groupage system of delivery.

Wherever your headquarters might be based, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Assistance service to get the information you need to hire your contract chairs manufacturer.

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