Metalmeccanica Alba: the perfect partner for contract chairs production

Metalmeccanica Alba is an Italian company based in northern Italy, where it has been founded more than 40 years ago. In all these years of work and experience, our company has developed a unique vision for its products and has become the perfect partner for contract chairs production and it cooperates with businesses all over the world. Metalmeccanica Alba made all this possible thanks to 5 key-factors.

The 5 key-factors

There are five key factors that over many years have made Metalmeccanica Alba one of the most flourishing Italian companies in the field of metalworking: competence, customer-defined projects, production capacity, know-how and flexibility.


In our vision the definition of competence corresponds to honesty and reliability, values that we have pursued everyday since our first day; commitment, that we put in all our projects; and quick responsiveness to all our customers needs.

Care and precision

The care and precision we at Metalmeccanica Alba put in our components and chairs production is visible in all our products just by looking at our catalogue.


With a close attention to details Metalmeccanica Alba has entrusted its presence on the market by working closely to a team of internationally renowned Italian designers, who make the difference when you are choosing your contract chairs production partner.

Quantity management

With more than 5 million of products sold every year Metalmeccanica Alba can manage the delivery of large quantities of components to international customers based all over the world.


We have our own expertise and know-how, and work procedure, but we are able to meet our customers needs whatever they might be. This is flexibility.

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