Metalmeccanica Alba personalizes the design of its carpentry furniture

If you are looking for a custom metalworking furniture design, look no further. You have landed on the right place. Metalmeccanica Alba is a leader in the design of metalworking furniture in Italy and in many countries of the world and is now customizing its products to meet the market demand and the needs of its customers.

Customer needs

More and more companies are looking for customized furniture products that fit their style and tastes, and this also includes the design of metalworking furniture. At Metalmeccanica Alba we produce furniture designs for metalworking both for interiors and exteriors. Our customers range from private companies to public offices and operate in the production of office and/or home furniture, schools, hospitals, community services, and each individual customer has particular requests and needs to satisfy. Our goal is to give them what they need by putting our experience and know-how at their disposal to make their custom metal furniture design. If you are curious and want to have some fun, try our configurator and imagine your next customized metalworking piece of furniture.

Our latest products for indoors and outdoors

Some of our custom metalworking furniture designs include chairs, benches, stools and tables in different styles. Tapas is our line of indoor and outdoor chairs, stools and tables designed specifically for is available in a wide variety of finishes, from black, gray and ivory to chrome or corten , but what's more oiginal about this brand new series is that it can be easily and completely assembled and disassembled without losing its solid and functional design.

Tapas is just one of our custom metal furniture designs. To find out more about our products and to know all our solutions, contact us now!

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