Adopting the philosophy of maximum attention to detail, AlbaComponents has entrusted the design of all its new components to internationally renowned designers.

Ivano Dalla Val

“Classical vintage,
contemporary styling.”

(Square Series)

“Generous proportions and maximum comfort
make this bench ideal for long waits.”

(Aria Series)

“Top quality and great ergonomics
to meet market requirements.”

(Moon Series)

“Hide the essential:
that’s how certain screws and welds

(Aba Series)

Angelo Pinaffo

“A new star in the firmament, new sophisticated, airy light:
another star is born.”

(Starlight Series)


“Slim&Cut stem from our idea
of formal purity.
The need to meet the many needs
of modern communities led us
to think of a number of
interchangeable elements.”
(Legs and Arms Slim & Cut)


“The exclusive use of metal creates minimal, airy shapes,
comfort and strength, at the same time exalting quality manufacturing.”
(Nexus Series)

“The challenge: to create a footrest with an extremely intuitive locking system
that’s efficient, structural and economical.”

(Footrests Gravity)

Stefano Bettio

“Although it’s metallic, sheet metal
is as lightweight and flexible as paper...
but when bent appropriately it becomes rigid and tenacious.”

(Leg 200 GM)

“The special pattern of the perforations makes the moiré effect
of two-dimensional images physical.”
(Feel Series)

“Adding aesthetics to an article
with a highly technical structure
is adding value to projects.”
(CPG - Plastic Cover)

“Coral pays homage to plastic
for a pleasant line revealed
by the transparencies and strong
technical content of this project.”

(Joy - Coat Hanger)

“Interaction with objects creates
optical movements on the stem
and physical movements on the coat hanger:
great adaptability with minimum volume.”

(Space - Coat Hanger)