Italian chairs parts manufacturers

Born in 1981, our company today is among the most renowned Italian chairs parts manufacturers: in all these years of experience and hard work, we have managed to be widely present in both national and international markets, bringing the real Italian style in all furniture and design projects all over the world.

Our values

What has allowed the growth and success of our Group, together with the great work and commitment of our highly specialised staff, are:

Our experts have always put their expertise and theirtalent in the production of chairs components and pieces of furniture at the service of our customers' requests: the creation of every piece of furniture or mechanism starts from listening and constantly talking to our customers. After an in-depth study of the various solutions to best meet our customers' furnishing needs, our team works the materials carefully and with devotion until they become pure Italian style pieces of furniture.
Our chairs components also allow the production of versatile products, suitable for furnishing different spaces, from offices to private residences, from gardens to corporate spaces. Choosing our level Italian manufacturers chairs parts means buying pieces of furniture that can provide comfort and a touch of personality to any environment.
Finally, our company has been following the path of environmental sustainability for long time, showing our commitment in environmental protection through both the use of recyclable materials for the production of our components, mechanisms, seat frames, tables structures and design accessories, and streamlining the production processes.
Choosing Italian chairs parts manufacturers will ensure your furnishing project a distinctive design combined with the extreme functionality of our products.

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