Metal chairs production

Metalmeccanica Alba Group is a metal products manufacturer, specializing in metal chairs production. Our designer metal chairs are thought for indoor and outdoor furniture, and can be used for various scopes: private businesses, public offices, waiting areas are just some examples.

From concept to completion

Working closely with top-quality Italian designers we can go from ideas to the final product, passing from prototyping to testing, engineering and manufacturing.

At Metalmeccanica Alba Group we have developed three different brands to meet all our customers needs. With Albacomponents, Albaplus and Albacustom we satisfy business to business.




At Albacomponents our aim is to create a metal chair product which is not only gorgeous and stylish, but also ready to go on the market. Know-how, expertise and passion are the three qualities that make it possible to be different and innovative in the market of metal chairs production.


Intelligence, irony and new points of view are the characteristics that distinguish Albaplus in the designer metal chairs production market. At Albaplus attention to details and elegance are our landmarks that we offer at international level thanks to a commercial network for distribution all over the world.


At Albacustom we work together with our customers to transform their vision into a prototype and finally a metal chair product. We use our expertise combined with the most modern machinery for cutting, bending and welding metal parts to be transformed into metal chairs products.

At Metalmeccanica Alba, with our solid brands Albacomponents, Albaplus and Albacustom, we can satisfy even the most demanding of our customers.