Uniqueness for all needs

We put our experience on the line with a vast selection of seating solutions to furnish waiting rooms, schools, public offices or conference halls, or to customise professionals’ offices or studios.
We can supply swivel, sled-type and four-spoke bases or fixed legs; plastic and wood seats and backrests; plastic or PVC armrests, which can also be fabric upholstered; wood or thermoplastic writing pads in different shapes, dimensions and thicknesses; soft, cosy benches with two to five seats and occasional tables with magazine rack.
We also produce indispensable complementary decor items for the home or office, from standing coat racks, brightly coloured wall fitted coat racks, umbrella stands, fixed frame stools, waste paper bins, and folding or tilting tables.  

We manufacture the components with which to make these products, in particular seating frames, table legs, chair feet and castors, armrests, trestles, footrests and brackets.

The distinguishing feature of all our products is a combination of quality, innovation and technology.