What a “Clever” idea!

Sitting for long hours at work can cause health problems in the long run: back pain, swollen legs, bad blood circulation are some of them. But working in an office implies poor movement and a static lifestyle. A “Clever” idea would be to be able to stand now and then and continue to work at your table at the same time. Have you tried asking to a table base manufacturer? Metalmeccanica Alba has got the perfect solution.


Metalmeccanica Alba’s solution to changing your lifestyle


As a well-known Italian metal products manufacturer, Metalmeccanica Alba specialises in office furniture including tables and table bases. Our staff profoundly cares about the health of our customers and their employees’.

Working closely with our designers, we have come to a “Clever” solution: an automated table base manufactured to move up and down and adjust its position following its user’s needs: low when you need to sit and rest, high when you need to stretch your legs.


“Clever” features


“Clever” in name and in facts. As table base manufacturers we are incredibly proud of our most technological product that doesn’t only feature a unique Italian style thanks to our team of professional Italian designers, but it also includes some of the most technologically advanced characteristics which will help you take better care of your health.

It comes in a solid metal table base which is adjustable in width (from 101cm to 181cm) and height (from 60cm to 125cm) by means of two electric engines thanks to which you can memorise up to 4 customised positions to give you better relief whenever you need.

Isn’t all of it “Clever”? So why don’t you check our website and discover more about it and all our products